Latest Featured Apps for Android and iPhone This Week [29/4/29]

 Welcome back, dear reader, to the Best Apps of the Week series, the weekly computerwould series that summarizes all that is new from application developers on both the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhone phones. And as the application industry continues to grow, we will also continue to filter the best every week and show it to our followers from all over the world who want to make the most of their smartphone capabilities. And in this issue we will review 7 of the most important new applications that were released recently and are really worth a try as they are completely free and do surprising and useful tasks, according to our experience, so let us introduce you to them.

1- Nothing Launcher

A new launcher developed by "Nothing" company, which was founded by "Carl Bay" one of the co-founders of the famous brand "OnePlus". The launcher offers a very simplified interface for Android phones, as the name suggests. There is no real feature that makes it different from other launchers available on the Google Play Store except that it makes dealing with the phone simpler and easier by removing unnecessary functions and icons from the phone interface. Once you install it, you have to go to the application settings and set Nothing Launcher as the default launcher, then you will notice that the main interface of the phone has completely changed.

Nothing Launcher adds a distinctive background that fits the design approach used in the rest of the interface elements, and it also adds a "dotted" line to display the date and time on the "Home Screen" that looks clearer than the regular fonts, there are also widgets that display the weather and others for the calendar, with a display Application folders within a huge circle for better accessibility. In general, the launcher offers a new approach and a unique experience for dealing with your Android phone, so it is worth a try, knowing that the currently available version is a version under development and you may find errors in it. [Download the app]

2- Proton Calendar app

The latest application from the Swiss company Proton in its group of applications targeting Android users, and although Proton Calendar has been in the Google Play Store as a beta version for some time, the final stable version has recently been released to users, which guarantees the best possible experience as a calendar application and includes features Compared to the pre-installed calendar app from the phone manufacturer, it helps you list important events throughout the day to plan your schedule and manage your time with ease. The app also comes with a simple graphic interface similar to the rest of the well-known Proton apps.

And because the Proton Calendar service is available on the web, the app allows you to create and save events and they will sync automatically across devices and browsers. Recurring events can be created on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom basis as a scheduler in local or foreign time zones. There is also a feature that allows adding multiple reminders for any event so that you will not miss it under any circumstances. Finally, the application supports displaying the event schedule in dark mode or bright mode, depending on your phone settings.
In addition to the above, the application does not display ads or trackers and does not share your data with any third party unlike other popular calendar applications, and even maintains your privacy by supporting end-to-end encryption, and because the developer is based in Switzerland, this means that all your data is on the application Protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. [Download the app]

3- WidgetCat App

A wonderful application for iPhone users, and its function is to display the largest amount of useful information on the phone's home screen within a widget in different and distinctive forms. WidgetCat offers around 40 widgets ranging from commonly used widgets like date, time or weather display, to more advanced widgets like your step count throughout the day (through integration with the Apple Health app), sunset/sunrise time, New Year progress bar, etc. that. All of these tools can be browsed and add what you need through the application, knowing that all tools support night and bright mode and do not affect the performance of the phone in any way, but give it an elegant appearance even if you use more than one tool on the same screen. [Download the app]

4- Sharik app

A free application that provides a convenient way for you to transfer files between your devices like computer to smartphone and back at a blazing speed. Sharik works on all platforms, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and even iOS for iPhone phones, thus the ability to share files on any device regardless of the operating system. The app is easy to use, all you have to do is install it on all the devices you want to use to send and receive files and connect them all on the same WiFi network or one router.

Once you do that, to send the files to another device, just open Sharik and select the Select Files option and choose the files you want to send to another Wi-Fi device. It will then create a link that you can open in any browser to download the files. It also generates a QR code so that you don't have to install Sharik on the other device to download the files.
On the other hand, if you have Sharik software installed, just open the app and click on “Receive”. When you do this, it will detect devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and display all the files that have been sent. Overall, Sharik is a great app for transferring files over Wi-Fi between devices with different operating systems. The app works perfectly, it's free, and it doesn't display any ads. [Download the app]

5- ArtFace App

A new application through which you can see the capabilities of artificial intelligence in manipulating images by adding creative and funny effects with minimal effort. ArtFace is free for limited use, i.e. an internal subscription that unlocks more plugins for more professional photo editing. There are many effects that will appear to you once you open the application and add a photo such as face retouch, face swap, effect that shows you how your face will look in the future, animation effect, etc. There is even an effect to turn your photo into a cartoon or make you look like an anime character. Simply you can have a lot of fun by trying ArtFace on your iPhone. [Download the app]

6- PicWish app

Another application that allows you to erase people and things from photos with the help of artificial intelligence, but what distinguishes PicWish is that it is completely free. It removes the background or unwanted things and replaces them with other things of your choice or make the background transparent or colored, a lot of options are available to you . The application is easy to use, whether for novice or professional users, just add the image and select what you want to remove and wait for the result, you can edit the image until you reach the satisfactory result and then save it in the gallery to share or use in your project. [Download the app]

7- Reams app

A smart application that allows you to read the latest articles and news from your favorite sources from one place by linking the RSS links of each site so that you browse through them as if it were a magazine. Reams relies on artificial intelligence techniques to bring the topics that interest you most, arrange and display them on the first page and you can scroll between each topic and another by dragging the screen to the left. The news / article, and even that each article has a unique layout to break the boredom or the typical view unlike other similar applications. To use it, you can add the resources from the suggested list, or an OPML file, or go to the site via the Safari browser and click on the Share button and choose to share with the Reams application to add it to the list of resources. [Download the app]

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