In order not to put your device at risk, you can now activate Windows for a low price

Computer users in many cases make reckless decisions regarding the protection of their data and privacy, including downloading pirated software, whether operating systems or office programs, in order to save money, but in fact this leads to exposing them to more privacy and security threats, and strangely enough, they realize They are fully aware of these risks but continue to adopt them rather than investing in the original versions. I understand that buying genuine software is too expensive for some, but that doesn't mean we should be willing to accept risks to our privacy and ignore the security of our data even if we think it's useless!

If you search well on the internet you will find many free alternatives to paid software or offers available to offer these software at lower prices. And mentioning the offers, if you format your computer or buy a new device and want to use an original copy of Windows, you will have to pay at least $100 while these offers may give you a genuine Windows activation key at a price of less than $8, That is, at a discount of more than 90% from the original price. If you're interested, I'm sure, below are some of the best deals that GoDeal24 has to offer.

Why is it necessary to use original copies of software?

Experts in the field of digital security, including studies conducted by companies specializing in computer security, agree that pirated software sources, regardless of the type and areas of use of such software, are rarely safe and reliable and with a high probability that the user will be exposed to a greater number of security threats and compromise the level of security. protect his devices. Certainly, pirated software will not explicitly display its negative impact on the security of the user and that it may open a door that weakens his privacy. Rather, it is designed to give a false sense of reassurance, but behind the scenes there are silent operations for malicious purposes such as spying on user activity, otherwise why give you free access to paid programs!

So the first step is to protect your data and avoid putting your computer at risk, and in order to keep your work safe, use only original copies of software and operating systems with their original activations, whether from companies that produce these software or from trusted vendors. It is important to spread that culture (buying products instead of piracy) in our Arab world, especially at that time when security threats appear in thousands of deceptive ways and tricks. Stay away as much as possible from hackers and crackers and look for alternatives and offers where you can buy the software you need at cheap prices — let us help you with that!

GoDeal24 offers to buy original software at the lowest price

Now the spring sale has started at Godeal24, a trusted store that sells original software at nominal prices compared to its official prices to suit all categories of users. Not only can you buy the new Windows 11 activation for $15.52 (compared to the official price of $199) but also a lot of popular Microsoft products at a discount of up to 62%. One of the advantages of buying from this store is that it provides professional customer service that provides 24-hour technical support. All licenses are valid for life. Once you activate the product, you can use it forever. You do not need to renew any subscription to retain all the benefits of Microsoft products that you purchase from Godeal24.

Of course, when you look at the prices of the products included in the GoDeal24 offers, the question will come to your mind: How does the store sell these activations at a cheap price? Unlike most of the competing stores that sell fake or illegal activation keys, GoDeal24 offers the original software keys issued by Microsoft itself, and the whole idea revolves around the fact that these keys are of the OEM type, meaning that Microsoft is selling them at low prices to computer manufacturers so that they can activate Windows on Their devices are new, therefore they are original keys and 100% legitimate use.

Best GoDeal24 Deals Available Now!

Both the Windows operating system and the Office suite are among the most popular computer software and are used by more than a billion people every day, so getting the original copies of these programs at low prices is an offer that cannot be refused and spares us from searching for pirated copies and risking our personal data. Thanks to GoDeal24, we can get the lowest price for a limited time on each of the following software products:

All you have to do is click on the offer link you want and you will be directed to the product page. From there, click on the shopping cart icon, and then the store will ask you to register in it, set up your account and go to the shopping cart to complete the purchase process, knowing that the store offers multiple payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and others.

All of these offers and more are now available on Godeal24, which has over many years of experience in selling original software products. In order to improve the user experience, the process of shopping at Godeal24 is simple and easy. After logging in, the software activation key will be sent to the email within minutes of sending the request.

Note that what you buy is only the key, after you get it write it in the activation field of Windows settings or Microsoft Office, but if the system or software is not installed on your device, the mail you received from GoDeal24 contains the download link is original from Microsoft along with instructions Activation, and if you encounter any problem or have an inquiry, the store's customer service is available around the clock via mail: [email protected]


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