PDF WIZ Review: Best Free PDF Converter and Editing Software

PDF is one of the most popular file formats that many users need, and although it offers a lot of very useful features, it is not directly editable, which is a problem for most users and you cannot convert PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint or Word Or vice versa easily on the Windows operating system, here you will need to use a program to convert and edit PDF files on your device.

Fortunately, you do not need to search much as PDF WIZ is the best tool for converting and managing PDF files on Windows, and it is a completely free program developed by Starzsoft and through this program you can convert PDF files to other formats and you can create PDF files from documents The program also provides a range of other useful features, including merging PDF files, reducing their size or protecting them with a password, and more. Without further prolongation, let us explain to you below the most important uses and features of the program.

Program functions PDF WIZ

PDF WIZ mainly focuses on converting PDF files to various other important formats that users need frequently, including Microsoft Word file, PPTX or PPT slides, and it also allows you to convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets and editable TXT files as well. HTML and images in JPG, TIFF, GIF or PNG format, the program also supports conversion to EPUB and XPS files.

Fortunately, the program also supports converting other files to PDF, or in other words, PDF WIZ helps you to create PDF files from your files, including Word DOC or DOCX files. Popular image formats including BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPG, and other image and file types.

It is good that the uses of PDF WIZ program are not limited to converting to and from PDF files, but it also provides you with many other very useful features and features for dealing with PDF files, including the ability to merge multiple PDF files with each other in one place, and you can also do the reverse It also i.e. splitting a single PDF file into multiple files with ease, moreover PDF WIZ has a feature to extract items from PDF which allows you to extract images or pages from your PDF file.

PDF WIZ interface

The interface is one of the most important parts of any program, as it depends on how easy it is to use the program and deal with its functions. Fortunately, PDF WIZ has an easy and organized interface that includes the main elements and functions of the program. You can notice the “Convert PDF” button on the far left to" button, and then you will find the "Convert File to PDF" button.

On the right of the main interface, you will find many additional functions and functions in the program, including splitting or merging PDF files, as well as extracting images from this file, in addition to compressing the file in order to reduce its size, allowing you to send and share it easily, whether through other devices or through the Internet, Finally, there is a "Manage Password" button with which you can remove existing passwords for encrypted PDF files, and it helps you to encrypt private files as well in order to protect them.

Once you click on one of those options that the program provides, you will be taken immediately to this tool where you can select the file to be modified either by entering its site on your device by clicking on "Add File" or by dragging and dropping, which makes it very fast and easy to use .

Features of PDF WIZ

One of the most important features of PDF WIZ is its ease of use thanks to its simple and organized interface, unlike other PDF programs and tools, which are very complex without any benefit, and you can notice this immediately after launching PDF WIZ on your device where you see the main interface and clear buttons Exactly, you can convert files easily by choosing the conversion type and then dragging and dropping the file into the program and the conversion process will take place immediately.

Although the primary use of the program is to convert PDF files, it provides you with a lot of other very useful functions including creating and password-protecting PDF files or removing password from protected files, and it also helps you to compress PDF files and reduce their size without affecting the Absolutely quality and this will help you to share it easily.

As we mentioned to you, the program allows you to merge PDF files, cut them, or extract images from them, and one of the most important features of the program is also privacy and security, as the program does not send your data or files to any third parties, because it works completely without the need for the Internet, and this is an important matter It is very effective in such programs, and the program is also very fast and efficient in performing various operations on PDF files, and it does not delete images or important items from files at all.

A final word about PDF WIZ

Looking at all those functions and features that PDF WIZ provides to users, we can say that it is the best PDF conversion and management program without competition, as the program is simple and easy to use in addition to its high speed in converting and creating PDF files, and fortunately you can use the program and access all the features Its free meaning that you do not have to pay money in order to get paid features which makes it the best choice for all users.

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