How to recover deleted files on computer for free

We hear about phobias of heights and phobias of closed spaces, but have you ever heard of the phobia of accidentally deleting or corrupting files? For me, not only did I hear, but I was one of those affected, especially when it comes to files that contain important information related to our medical file, for example, or a research seminar and perhaps data and work drawings, or even neither this nor that, it is very possible that the deleted files contain images of memories that are not It is invaluable, the most important question remains, can we recover deleted files on the computer, whether intentionally or by mistake? The definitive answer to this question is yes and for free too! But provided, that you follow the correct method, you will ask me how? The logical answer: there is not only one way! Rather, there are three effective ways that I am glad to explain to you in detail and among them is the use of free data recovery software, so you don't have to worry anymore about the issue of deleting or corrupting files.

deleted files

Find your deleted files in the Recycle Bin:

deleted files

The delete key is one of the most popular and used keys after the enter key on a computer, so it is very normal to make a mistake and press it, which will delete one of your important files, or you might use the delete command to delete one of the large files in order to free up disk space or to delete a file sensitive, then you discover that you need this file, practically do not delete the files permanently, whether by pressing the key or choosing the delete command, but rather they move to the Recycle Bin, which allows you to retrieve the deleted files at any time easily as long as they have not been emptied, by opening the Recycle Bin and choosing the file We want to recover and then press Recover, but what if we delete the file by pressing Shift + Delete? Or have we emptied the Recycle Bin? Is there any hope of recovering the file or is it farewell? Even in these cases, do not worry. Fortunately, there is a great way to restore the deleted, either after emptying the Recycle Bin or by pressing Shift + Delete. I will explain it to you in detail, which is to use CMD commands to undo deleting files from the hard drive.

Use CMD commands to undo deleted files from the hard drive

We previously talked about the ease of dealing with deleted files with the delete command, but what if we delete the file by pressing Shift + Delete, which is a shortcut to delete the file and empty the Recycle Bin directly? Even in this case, we can recover the files in an effective way by using the undo deletion commands from the cmd command prompt, there is no need to worry. The method is easy and compatible with all Windows systems, including Windows XP or higher versions, all you have to do is go to the search box in the ribbon Then type cmd and you will see a CMD command prompt icon, right-click on it and select Run it as administrator, then enter the following command: cd\ and press enter, then type cd $Recycle.bin and follow it with enter, it should be noted that the command Recycle may differ from system Windows for another, you can replace it with "Recycled" or "Recycler" of course without the upper punctuation marks, after that enter the command: attrib -r -s -h *.* then press enter.

CMD commands

Finally, enter the following command dir */s and press enter, then you will see all the deleted files, you can recover all or some of them by copying them by typing the command COPY *.* C:\Temp and congratulations we are done, by the way you can copy the recovered files to any folder By typing its name instead of temp and the temp folder is just an example, then you are now able to recover deleted files, whether by deleting them with Shift + Delete or after emptying the Recycle Bin, but what about recovering a deleted file from an external hard drive or a USB flash drive? Can we use undo delete commands to recover files from external drives? The answer is yes, even if files deleted from external memories are not moved to the computer’s recycle bin, but we can use CMD commands to undo deleting files from a hard or USB flash drive. What is the method? I am pleased to explain to you.

Use CMD commands to undo deleting files from external hard drive or flash memory

We talked about recovering deleted files, whether within the Recycle Bin or after emptying it, but what about files deleted from an external hard drive or a USB flash drive? Especially since we save most of our personal files on those memories, and the question is: Is there an effective way to recover deleted files from external memories? The answer is of course yes and also using cmd commands, all you have to do is type cmd in the search box on the main bar, click on it and you will see a command prompt screen in which type: chkdsk E: /f and press Enter, “It is worth mentioning that the letter E is The name of the drive is "external hard drive or usb flash drive, so type the letter for your hard drive or flash drive, and the device may prompt you sometimes to stop using the drive and for that press Y to end use, after that type the following command attrib -h -r -s / s /d E:*.* and followed by Enter, this way you can recover accidentally deleted files from external hard drives or flash drives.


But there are other cases of file corruption or deletion, with which the undo deletion commands do not work, especially if the damage is due to a system failure, or malicious software that contains complex deletion commands, and do not forget the damaged data that needs to be repaired first and then reconstructed, and in these cases we must check The hard disk using a data recovery program, but pay attention, the success rate of recovering damaged data and repairing it increases if we deal immediately with the error and do not forget to use a file recovery program that works with high efficiency. Perhaps you will ask me how to check the hard and what programs work with high efficiency? This is exactly what we will talk about in the next paragraph:

Check your hard drive with data recovery software


Checking the hard drive does not mean resorting to a specialized person or using a stethoscope, but rather using a professional program to check and repair files in order to recover them later. You may know that all file recovery programs work with the same mechanism, but what you do not know is that the search algorithms differ from one program to another except you About repair and recovery technology, for us, we chose the iBeesoft Data Recovery program in order to explain this step, which provided us with great results in terms of recovering damaged and permanently deleted files, not to mention that the program is completely free in terms of scanning, which means that you can try it yourself without paying One penny! How is that?

I will tell you, but before that I must note that the chances of recovering hard disk data are very high in all cases except for two, the first is physical damage and the second is if the data is not overwritten. As for the rest of the cases of file deletion and corruption “whether by formatting, system failure, piracy and malware Intentional or unintentional deletion", so the program can recover them easily and efficiently, including photos, videos and audio clips, in addition to documents, and do not forget that iBeesoft Data Recovery is compatible with Mac and all versions of Windows.


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