7 Small But Important Free Software for Your PC

We review from time to time a lot of special computer programs, the priority of which is the novelty of the offering, the distinction and the benefit combined together in each choice. But what about the little gadgets? Some developers release small software programs for the computer, often to perform a single function in order to solve a problem while using the computer or to make it easier to work with regular programs. In fact, these tools are many and here we are today to review a set of tools that are characterized by their light size on the device and perform very important tasks, so let's start.

Free Software for Your PC

1- MicSwitch


It is a free program for Windows with the specific function of making the process of muting the microphone easier and with the click of a button, simply MicSwitch provides a simple way to quickly turn on/off the computer microphone via a keyboard shortcut. All you have to do is turn it on and set the hotkey under the Hotkey field and when using this shortcut will disable any sound coming from the mic, or you can make the program lower the microphone volume to a certain level instead of muting it, and the program also displays a static mark on the screen indicating the status of the microphone activity until Don't forget to leave the mic on during a video call or in an online meeting. [downloading programs]

2- AutoSaver


It is a small free program for Windows that adds a very useful function to make sure that any changes you make within a document or project in any other program are saved so that you don't lose them in the event of a sudden power outage. Simply put, AutoSaver adds an auto-save feature to any program like Photoshop or Microsoft Word.. thus ensuring that your work and modifications you make to files are always saved. The program is very simple and works with almost any version of Windows, its size is just 1MB, and you don't even need to install it. But keep in mind that you have to install the .NET Framework 4 package first so you won't have a problem getting it to work. [downloading programs]

3- VOVSOFT - Duplicate File Finder


A program that helps you find duplicate files and delete them from your computer to save some space. Duplicate File Finder from VOVSOFT is a completely free program that comes with a very simple interface, with the beginning of use add one or more folders to search for duplicate files, also you can add certain conditions when searching for a more accurate scan like finding files that are larger than a certain range. You can also choose the type of search, or more specifically, you can have the program scan for duplicate files based only on their name, size, or contents. The program displays a list of all items that match the criteria with the search results. When you go to the Duplicates tab, you can easily select items you no longer need and send them to the Recycle Bin with a single click. [downloading programs]

4- TbVolScroll


It is a small free program that adds a useful function in Windows, allowing you to quickly adjust the computer volume using the mouse wheel. TbVolScroll simplifies the process of changing the volume as much as possible, as it provides a completely different way to control the volume on the computer, instead of using the media keys on the keyboard or manually lowering/up the volume directly from the speaker, this program allows it to be done simply by hovering over Taskbar.
Once the program is running, just point your mouse pointer at the taskbar (anywhere on the ribbon) and then use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down to control the volume, a small bar appears showing the current volume level and changes color based on the level selected. By default, the program adjusts the volume by 5% on each swipe, but you can raise or lower this percentage in the settings, and you can easily control the color and size of the indicator. [downloading programs]

5- Window Resizer

Window Resizer

It is a free program that allows you to save and restore the measurements of a specific program window, so that if you change the size or dimensions of the window, you can click to return the previous measurements again. Window Resizer is very easy to use, first you open any program window and set the specified measurements for it and then press Ctrl + Alt + S for the program to save the window measurements, now make any change to the window dimensions and press Ctrl + Alt + R and immediately the position of the window will be restored And its dimensions are as they were preserved. You can save any possible number of window measurements, and the program also allows extracting a file containing the list of saved windows and their dimensions so that you can retrieve it later when you reinstall Window Resizer. [downloading programs]

6- TouchZoomDesktop


It is a free program that allows you to "enlarge" your computer screen using a keyboard shortcut and mouse wheel. TouchZoomDesktop adds a quick window magnification function on the computer. If you are running a specific program and want to maximize the window to see clearly, all you have to do is click and hold the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel or the plus and minus key on the keyboard to zoom in/out the computer screen. [downloading programs]

7- ForceDelete program


A small program that helps you to forcibly delete files, even those that are infallible from deletion due to the lack of the necessary permissions. Simply put, ForceDelete forces any file on your device to be permanently and irreversibly deleted from the hard drive, that is, even recovery programs will not be able to find and restore it. You just need to drag and drop the files to the main window. If the file is related to a program or process that is currently running, ForceDelete will ask you to force close the process which prevents the file from being deleted.
Another great thing about ForceDelete is that it automatically adds itself to the right-click list of all your files. In other words, you don't need to open its main window manually whenever you want to delete a file - instead, just right-click the file and select the feature you need (permanent delete or move file to trash). [downloading programs]


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