Lock WhatsApp with a faceprint on iPhone phones

If you are very concerned about the privacy of your WhatsApp chats, you must find a way to hide it from others. You probably already know that WhatsApp offers a lock screen feature which means that you can use the method to lock your phone screen in WhatsApp. You can easily use the fingerprint lock on WhatsApp for Android, but what about iPhones? In this new topic via Arabi Tech, I will tell you two ways to lock WhatsApp on iPhone phones using Face ID or Touch ID.

And because WhatsApp is the application that needs a lot of privacy from us because of the conversations in it, many users are ignorant of the importance of locking the application to avoid others infiltrating our conversations without our knowledge.

Lock WhatsApp with a faceprint on iPhone phones

Here we will talk about two ways in which WhatsApp can be locked with a face print or even a fingerprint on the iPhone running iOS. Choose the method that suits you and which is the easiest of the two and apply it to your phone.

Method 1: Use the privacy settings of WhatsApp

First, open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, and through the main interface, click on the Settings option.

Then in the Settings menu, click on the Account option. Next, in the account settings interface, click on the option Privacy or Privacy.

In the privacy interface, scroll down until you find Screen Lock, which is the last option in this list.

You will now find in the interface of the lock screen option another option to activate it, which is Face ID, or perhaps you will find that there is also a Touch ID fingerprint.

Finally, select the lock screen time limit from the given options: “Immediately, after 1 minute, after 15 minutes, or after 1 hour.”

In the end, you must enter your phone's password or passcode in order to confirm the activation of the face print or that you are the owner of the phone. Thus, you will find that WhatsApp now asks you to unlock your face every time you want to open the application and use it.

Method 2: Use the App Limit feature to lock WhatsApp

You can also use the App Limit feature in the Screen Time option to set a lock on any app on the iPhone. Follow these steps to set a time limit for your WhatsApp in the phone:

First, enter the Settings app you have on the phone, through the app icon on the main screen.

It is enough just that you now search for the Screen Time option or field in the iPhone settings menu.

In the interface of the Screen Time option, search for the App Limit feature and enter it as shown in the image below.

Now enter the Screen Time passcode. Or set a new passcode if you haven't used this feature before.

After that, you will see a list of all the applications you have installed in the phone. You are in your case, you must select an application. You can select the WhatsApp application under the Social field. Then click on the Next option.

Now, you can set a time limit for the app and tap on Add. You can also customize the days to block the app from being used.

Now, when the timeout expires, WhatsApp will be locked. You can either extend the time limit by clicking on Request More Time. Or you will have to enter your Screen Time passcode to disable the lock completely.


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