Add computer shutdown to right-click menu

 Add all power options to shutdown or restart the computer and more to the right-click menu in Windows

The Windows system enables you to modify the default options in the system through the registry, so by modifying some of those values, you can customize some of the default options in the system to suit the way you use it, but it must be done professionally in order to avoid errors, so in this post we will learn a good trick in order to add all Power Options to the right-click menu in Windows.

Note: This command will work from the desktop only and not within folders and it will be executed directly without confirmation messages.

Download this small file from the link at the bottom of the post, then go to the location of the save and then open the file ADD Power Menu.reg to execute the commands programmed inside it.

After completion, you must restart the computer, then you can click the right mouse button on the desktop and you will find a new menu will be added with a right-click menu called “Power Options” and through it you will find the addition of “Shutdown”, “Restart”, “Log off” and “Switch User” options, or "sleep" and many other useful options.

And if you want to delete this list for any reason, you can download the Remove Power Options.reg file and then run it to turn off this feature.

Download file: Right Click Power


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