Best Always on Display Apps in Google Play Store for 2022

Are you looking for Always on Display apps to install in your Android phone today, but finding it difficult to find the best app? Today, through this topic, we will learn about the best of these applications in the Google Play Store, and the most prominent advantages available in these applications. There are a lot of phones that do not support this feature, and there are even phones that you find have this feature or what is called always on the screen without the need for any other applications. But with regard to phones that support Always on Display, the forms that these applications provide them with will be very distinctive and really worth a try. Follow with us this new topic on the computerwould site to shorten the time of searching for applications.

This list of apps is the elite out of hundreds of apps that the Google Play Store has to offer. You can really try and install it on your phone whether it supports Always On Screen feature or not.

AOA (Always-on AMOLED) app

This feature-rich app comes with plenty of design styles and customization options to choose from. AoA features layouts including stickers, clocks, calendars, weather, notifications, etc. The best part about it is the subtle customization where you can tweak even small settings like brightness, position, time delay, duration etc. It also offers multiple ways to start Always on Display like raising screen to light up the screen, double tap to wake up, and much more so you don't have to enable it manually.

However, some features like edge lighting are not customizable in the app or have many designs to choose from. Also, the app only provides a few designs in the free tier. But you can apply premium and unique designs just by choosing to watch an in-app ad or even pay for the paid version.

Muviz Edge App

Edge lighting is the most researched thing in this type of Always on Display app. Muviz Edge app does a great job of providing various edge lighting themes, customizable settings, display time settings, animations, timings, position, etc. Unlike standard Always on Display designs, edge lighting will not be visible all the time on the screen. It will only appear when music is playing on the device or when a new notification arrives on the screen. Muviz also supports some Always On Display designs, all of which feature the app's own media player. Also, needless to say, it is designed for music lovers. The animations in the app are also optimized for edge lighting while music is playing on the device.

NotifyBuddy (The Best Always on Display App)

One of the most popular Always on Display apps in the Google Play Store is NotifyBuddy. The idea of ​​this application is that it uses the technology or feature to always display the LED indicator when receiving notifications. Whenever you see a new notification, you will see a little dot representing the notification LED which is missing on the latest Android phones. You need to enable this feature on an app by app basis and you can also set different colors for different apps. It also carries some extra features like notification of missed calls when your phone is in DND mode, charging indicator, etc. You can customize the point size and how long the notification LED will blink. Plus it has a burner protection that moves the point a little bit now and then.

True AMPs app

True AMPs provides always-on animations even when the screen is off while the phone is charging. So these effects will not appear on the screen all the time. By default, the animation you selected will only play after you connect the charger for a while before it disappears. You can also choose to display the animation all the time when the phone is rooted. While the designs from other apps are subtle like stickers, photos, and small animations, the designs from True AMPs are a bit large and sometimes cover the entire screen. The application is similar to some of the other applications that we have previously explained in Araby Tech about adding an effect to the screen while charging the Android phone.


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