The 3 most powerful new programs for the computer worth trying now [26/5/22]

We recently tried and picked 3 completely new programs that perform important and useful functions, so let us review them for you and recommend, as usual, that you download and give them a try.

1 Portmaster

It is a program that helps you monitor all Internet-related activities on your computer, in addition to providing the ability to prevent certain programs from accessing the Internet or block ads and malicious trackers. Portmaster is a software that can be considered a "firewall" but at a very advanced level that puts all the controls in front of you to control all your computer's communication within a simple graphical interface, along with providing additional features such as enforcing a secure DNS address, blocking ads and secretly planted to spy on your activity.

Install Portmaster and restart your computer to complete the installation process, then open the program and you will see in front of you the Internet activity with the number of connections that are currently categorized between allowed connections and prohibited connections. All these connections are made by both the Windows system itself and the programs installed on the computer.

The thing I really liked about this program is that it shows the network activity in a very detailed way. Just try to click on any program that is currently using the Internet, and Portmaster will display in front of you detailed information about the connection, such as the sites to which the program is connected, whether the purpose of the connection was to receive or send data, and whether the connection was encrypted or not, and the name of the company responsible for sending / receiving this data... etc.

The program not only displays the details of the connections made on your device, but also provides all the means to control them. For example, you can block a specific site or domain so that no program can connect to it completely, or block an entire program from connecting to the Internet by activating the "Block Connections" option, so that the program can be used without an Internet connection.

Portmaster provides many other useful settings and features such as notifying you when a new program connects to the Internet in the background, or forcing a specific DNS to block ads and porn sites, you can also set specific connection conditions for each program individually or block all Peer-to-Peer connections . You can even head to the "All Apps" section to find out what programs are using the internet at the moment and keep track of the ones that are consuming the most. The program is generally professional and provides an easy way to protect your privacy and at the same time maintain your Internet package. It is also great that it is available for free for users of Windows and Linux distributions. [downloading programs]

2 Moosync

It is a media player that may look simple but comes with great features such as linking your Spotify and YouTube account and listening to your playlists from both services through a single interface. Moosync is completely free and cross-platform i.e. it can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac. It helps you listen to music stored locally on your computer, as well as tracks available on Spotify and Youtube while allowing the creation of playlists with a mix of tracks from many different sources so that Moosync is your window to listen to all your favorite tracks.

When you open Moosync for the first time, you can add folders containing music clips to your hard drive and they will be displayed in order in the All Songs section. You can just do that or connect to music streaming services such as Youtube, Spotify and LastFM to make the most of it, just click on the profile icon at the top and choose the service you want to connect to through your account. Once this is done, the previous playlists on the connected services will be fetched and displayed in the "Playlists" section so you can start listening to music from different sources through one program.

Moosync comes with a great graphic interface that is simple and well organized for clips, it may look familiar but the new thing here is the "Explore" section, through which you can search for new music clips online in both Youtube and Spotify and save any of them in your audio library Instead, right-click anywhere inside the program and choose "Insert URL", then enter the link to the clip and the program will download it automatically. Overall, Moosync is an excellent program especially if you rely on Youtube or Spotify to listen to different tracks. [downloading programs]

3 DoNotSpy11

It is a program specifically designed to disable all Windows 11 privacy features and settings so that Microsoft collects as little data as possible about you while you are using the system. DoNotSpy11 in principle is not considered a new tool, but rather has existed since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, but recently the developer renamed it and added more other settings to be better compatible with Windows 11, currently there are more than 140 privacy-related features that you can disable at once through these The tool is completely free.

Once you turn on DoNotSpy11 all settings and features will be listed in one menu divided into several categories, with a search field at the top for quick access to specific settings. In general, you can browse the large menu and discover the built-in settings. When you select a setting, a short description will be displayed showing what that setting does and what will happen after disabling it.

You will also notice that some settings have a custom color, blue means that this setting is safe to disable, red means that the setting is not recommended to be disabled for the majority of users, and orange-orange alerts you to read the description of this setting before deciding to disable it. Gray those that have been changed since the last use of the tool.

In any case, after you have finished disabling any settings, click on Apply for the changes to be implemented immediately, but it is recommended before you do that to create a restore point, which the program allows through the Actions menu so that if any problems arise, you can restore the default settings as they were. [downloading programs]

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