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iPhone 15 Moving to USB-C port

Apple's transition to a USB-C port is nearing. So said Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter, predicting that the iPhone 15 would be the brand's first smartphone to bid farewell to the Lightning port. He adds that this change may reduce charging time and increase the transfer speed of smartphones.

Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted, "My latest survey indicates that the new iPhone in 2023 will drop the Lightning port and switch to a USB-C port," before adding that "USB-C may improve iPhone transmission and charging speed."

However, the rumors still contradict each other about it. First, some sources suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro will in fact be the first to integrate a USB-C port. In addition, other insiders have also brought up the idea that Apple prefers to go 100% wireless first before moving to USB-C. Finally, Ming-Chi Kuo himself said last year that Apple still had no plans to abandon Lightning.

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