Great tool for monitoring computer battery

A great tool to let your laptop notify you when the battery is fully charged as well as when it is nearly finished with a beep

If you have purchased a new laptop, you need to check all the parts and components of your computer, especially the battery, or even if you want to get all the information and details about the condition of the battery and its charging processes, then you need a good tool that does all this work, and surely the solution is that we will present today a great tool to make Your laptop informs you of all the details of the charging process.

Battery Notifier is a program that works on Windows that enables you to track the status of the battery charge and notifies you via sound notifications if the battery is full or nearly depleted. When the battery is close to running out.

And this is not only what distinguishes the Battery Notifier program so that you can customize the time of displaying notifications according to the percentage of the battery and also provides a dark mode and you can customize the sounds of notifications.

To use the program, you can download it from GitHub from the link at the bottom of the post, and after installing the program, open and view the battery details from the icon on the taskbar.

Battery Notifier is a great way to find out the battery status of your laptop and let you know when the battery is dead or nearing a full charge.

Battery Notifier program


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