Protect your personal life with this app

Antistalker, the app that will tell you if your phone's microphone and camera are in use without your knowledge

Over the years, the dangers on the Internet have multiplied and this makes it necessary for us to be aware of everything. Not only are viruses a problem, but now apps tend to listen to us or access our information without permission. So, we will introduce an app that will notify you that your microphone and camera are being used by other apps on your Android device.

Its name is Antistalker and it is a security tool where you can find out if your microphone or camera is being used without your knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to viruses, there are other big dangers on the Internet and the devices we use. An example of this we have in those applications that usually have access to the microphone or the camera, although their functionality is not related to these components. This makes it necessary for us to be attentive to who is using our microphone and camera through the apps we install.

This app goes beyond just alerting you when your microphone or camera is in use. As Antistalker is also able to indicate how long these components have been occupied and even the name of the application that used them. All of this information is necessary to keep our devices safe from any application that seeks to access our data.

This app will increase the security of any Android, helping to detect apps that are running components without our knowledge.

Link: Antistalker


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