List of Samsung phones that will receive the Android 13

 List of Samsung phones that will receive the Android 13 (One UI 5) update

While Samsung continues to send out the Android 12 or One UI 4 upgrade to more eligible phones, Google rolled out the first beta version of Android 13 last February. Accordingly, all Android phone manufacturers, including the South Korean company, have started working on developing their modified version of the new system in preparation for the release of beta versions as well sometime in 2022 — and for Samsung, some reports indicate the company’s intention to launch the first beta version of the One update UI 5 next July.

Although it is still early days to talk about One UI 5, given Samsung's policy regarding updating its devices, it is possible to guess which phones and tablets will receive the Android 13 (One UI 5) update. No, browse the list below to find out!

Note: This list is not yet official and is based on Samsung's new Android upgrade policy.

Despite being the largest manufacturer of Android phones in the world, Samsung had a bad reputation for supporting its devices with the latest versions of Android, as it was following a rather strict policy forcing the user to buy a new phone every year or two to keep pace with the changes taking place in the Android system, as well as Its mid-range and economical phones may not get any updates at all.

But due to the fierce competition that Samsung is waging with other manufacturers, the company has modified its policy to support more of its various devices with long-term updates of up to 4 years. As a result, updates are expected to arrive faster than usual for a large number of phones, and this year it is expected that confirmed and likely phones will start getting the stable version of One UI 5 by the end of 2022.

All Samsung phones that will get Android 13 update

S and Note series

  •      Galaxy S22 Ultra
  •      Galaxy S22 Plus (Galaxy S22+)
  •      Galaxy S22
  •      Galaxy S21 FE
  •      Galaxy S21 Ultra
  •      Galaxy S21 Plus (Galaxy S21+)
  •      Galaxy S21
  •      Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  •      Galaxy Note 20
  •      Galaxy S20 Ultra
  •      Galaxy S20 Plus (Galaxy S20+)
  •      Galaxy S20 (Galaxy S20)
  •      Galaxy S20 FE
  •      Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  •      Galaxy S10 Lite
Z . series

  •      Galaxy Z Fold 3
  •      Galaxy Z Flip 3
  •      Galaxy Z Fold 2
  •      Galaxy Z Flip
A . series

  •      Galaxy A73
  •      Galaxy A53
  •      Galaxy A33
  •      Galaxy A71
  •      Galaxy A51
  •      Galaxy A52
  •      Galaxy A52s
  •      Galaxy A72
  •      Galaxy A Quantum
  •      Galaxy Quantum 2
  •      Galaxy A42
  •      Galaxy A03s
  •      Galaxy A12/Nacho
  •      Galaxy A32
  •      Galaxy A22
  •      Galaxy A23
  •      Galaxy A13
  •      Galaxy A03
M . series

  •      Galaxy M42
  •      Galaxy M12
  •      Galaxy M62
  •      Galaxy M01 (Galaxy M01)
  •      Galaxy M22
  •      Galaxy M31
  •      Galaxy M32
  •      Galaxy M52
  •      Galaxy M33
  •      Galaxy M23
F . series

  •      Galaxy F42
  •      Galaxy F62
  •      Galaxy F12
  •      Galaxy F22
  •      Galaxy F23
Galaxy Tab tablets

  •      Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  •      Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (Galaxy Tab S8+)
  •      Galaxy Tab S8
  •      Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (Galaxy Tab S7++)
  •      Galaxy Tab S7
  •      Galaxy Tab S7 FE
  •      Galaxy Tab S6
  •      Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  •      Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  •      Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 version 2021 (Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 (2021))
This list is not final and it can change at any time, so we will update it as needed and we will also add the date of launching the update for each phone as soon as Samsung officially announces the final list sometime during this year.

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