If you use WhatsApp through a computer, these add-ons are very useful

Here we are going to explore top 5 WhatsApp extensions that you should know if you are using WhatsApp on PC in 2022. This will help you to have a better WhatsApp Web experience on your desktop or laptop. WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps you can imagine in the world. This is despite the conversations that the application was previously exposed to. The application still protects its users and enables them to have an optimal experience of communicating by voice and video with others in your contacts.

6 important Chrome extensions if you use WhatsApp on a computer

The use of WhatsApp through the computer is a necessary and important matter for many people. As these plugins below will greatly help them while using this social networking service.

Add Story Saver

We all love to put stories or status on WhatsApp. We also enjoy watching the story or status of our friends or family, and we want to save it but don't know how? On the Chrome web browser, there is the Story Saver extension. It is a very good extension and it has the best reviews on the Chrome Web Store. This add-on will help you save the stories you like on WhatsApp. It will not only help you save WhatsApp stories, but it will also help you to store Instagram and Facebook stories as well.

After downloading the extension, you will get the extension icon in the upper left or right corner of the browser. All you have to do is tap on the icon while playing the story you like. Just click on this icon, and the story will be downloaded with the help of this extension. Story saver extension allows you to save both photos and video stories. The add-on is very easy to use. But it might be a little slow at times, it probably depends on your internet speed.

Add Auto WhatsApp translator

If you are communicating with people all over the world, you need to send the message in their native language to understand them better. Here we present to you the Auto WhatsApp translator, which translates incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages into different languages in real time. It can translate your incoming and outgoing messages into 110 different languages. The extension is very easy to use because you don't have to do anything. It will translate the message automatically, and the translation will appear in green below the original message you received.

Suppose you want to translate the message you are sending. In this case, all you have to do is type a message, hit Enter, and your message will be automatically translated. Then again, hit the Enter key to send a message. It's one hundred percent free, and you don't have to keep switching between your Google Translator and your WhatsApp, so it's very convenient to use. It also does not store any of your personal data or information.

Add WAToolkit

Many people highly recommend this app. It is one of the best WhatsApp extensions available in the Chrome Store if you are using WhatsApp on a computer. This will help you not to miss any WhatsApp notification even if you are not on WhatsApp tab in Chrome browser window. This extension will run in the background permanently, and it will immediately track and notify you. By hovering over the extension icon, you will see a summary of your unread conversation in the tooltip. The icon will also turn orange if there is a problem connecting to your phone. Also, you can still hide the button if you want to. Just right-click on it and select the Hide button.

Add Zapp

Zapp is a WhatsApp extension that speeds up your conversation while using Whatsapp Web. You can listen to long recordings at any given time by adding voice control if you are using WhatsApp on a computer. A control button is added to the upper right corner of the screen, allowing us to change the recording speed and volume. You can use it by pressing the icon to the right of the address bar after entering the WhatsApp web. A pop-up box will appear containing all the controls needed to modify audio recordings on WhatsApp on the web. You can control the speed and volume by pressing the arrows or scrolling the mouse wheel. I highly recommend using this add-on.

Add Privacy extension

This privacy extension will help you keep your messages private and hide them until you hover over them. It blurs your messages and other content and only exposes them when you hover over them. You can also toggle all the effects using a keyboard shortcut or clicking the toggle button in the add menu. This add-on blurs all messages in the chat and erases the preview of all messages on the left or right of the screen. It also blurs photos, videos, stickers, and more separately from the text. It also blurs all the profile pictures of your contacts. The nice thing about this add-on is that it does not collect information about you or your message.


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