List of iPhone phones that will receive the iOS 16 update

Apple has long been known for providing long-term iOS updates support to its smartphone holders, and its operating system update policy is one of the reasons people buy iPhones and even iPads.

Since we are on the cusp of the launch of the WWDC 2022 event on June 6, which, as every year, reviews the software side of the company's work and is sure to announce iOS 16 and the new features that millions of users are waiting for, you may be interested to know if your iPhone is eligible For next iOS update or not. Although it is not yet certain, but some indications now may tell us which phones the iOS 16 update will receive as soon as it is released sometime this year, let's review the list below.

Announcing a new iOS version is usually accompanied by fear for holders of old iPhones that Apple may abandon them, and this is what some of the owners of these phones currently fear at a time when Apple is preparing to unveil the iOS 16 version. Although the company in the last three years The iOS 13, 14, and 15 update made it possible for all the same devices, including the iPhone 6s released in 2015, the seventh generation iPod Touch, the iPad Air 2, the fifth generation iPad, iPad mini 4, and the first generation iPad Pro, but it's only a matter of time. It is unlikely that the same devices will continue to support iOS 16 and the reason is not Apple's desire to do so, but rather due to the requirements to operate the new system, which, according to expectations, will not be compatible with the specifications of the old phones.

Apple did not exclude phones and older devices of the past years from the updates because they are somewhat able to run new versions of iOS smoothly without burdening resources. But this time it is likely that the amount of RAM plays a prominent role in determining which devices will run iOS 16, so it seems that old phones or tablets may be excluded.

When iOS 13 was announced, it came as no surprise to everyone that Apple refrained from offering the update to any iPhone whose RAM size is less than 2 GB, which eliminated a large number of phones operating with A7 and A8 processor chips such as iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the 6th generation iPod Touch while I continued to support the iPad mini 4 only because it has 2GB of RAM even though it is powered by an A8 chip.

iOS 13, 14, and 15 required no more than 2GB of RAM, so Apple kept rolling out the update for its older devices launched beginning in 2015. Thus, it would be perfectly acceptable for Apple to update the new iOS 16 system requirement to 3GB of RAM. Along with at least the A10 Fusion chip, this is what some reliable reports indicate. If the company does so, the following phones will be eligible for the update:

  •      iPhone 7 Plus
  •      iPhone 8 (iPhone 8)
  •      iPhone 8 Plus
  •      iPhone X
  •      iPhone XR
  •      iPhone XS
  •      iPhone XS Max
  •      iPhone 11 (iPhone 11)
  •      iPhone 11 Pro Max (iPhone 11 Pro Max)
  •      iPhone SE 2nd Gen
  •      iPhone 12 (iPhone 12)
  •      iPhone 12 mini
  •      iPhone 12 Pro
  •      iPhone 12 Pro Max
  •      iPhone 13 (iPhone 13)
  •      iPhone 13 mini
  •      iPhone 13 Pro (iPhone 13 Pro)
  •      iPhone 13 Pro Max (iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  •      iPhone SE 3rd Gen
If Apple chooses to update the iOS 16 requirements as we mentioned, the iPhone 7 Plus will become the oldest supported iPhone, with support dropping from the regular version (iPhone 7) due to the size of the RAM of only 2 GB. However, the iPhone 8 also has 2GB of RAM while the Plus version has 3GB, but it is unlikely that either of these two phones will lose support according to Apple's update policy, and therefore the iPhone 8 may get iOS 16 but with the fewest number of new features To avoid degrading the performance of the phone.

In any case, in line with previous years, Apple will present major updates for all of its operating systems at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 6, while iOS 16 is rumored to introduce a large number of features and improvements, including a new notification system, but Once the system is released, the phones supporting it will be officially announced and we will update the list if necessary.


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